Public Parks, School & Day Care Playground Equipment

The playground equipment at public parks, schools and daycare facilities, require routine maintenance to keep germs at bay. But keeping up with maintenance is often challenging if you don't have the staff or time to get it done.

That's why At Bay-Way Power Wash, we help you manage your time with a professional team you can count on to keep your equipment for your public park or playground clean. Here are just some of the services we offer:

Clean and Pristine Public Parks Equipment

Public parks see hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and that's a ton of opportunities for germs to spread. That's why it's important to frequently clean the equipment that your park's visitors use. With Bay-Way Power Wash, you can take advantage of our effective public parks equipment cleaning services to keep your equipment clean and pristine.

We use SoftWash Technology to safely clean your equipment and protect your public parks equipment from damage that high-powered pressure washing may bring. Instead, we use state-of-the-art equipment and an effective cleaning process that not only cleans, but kills germs and bacteria. Our process does not use harsh chemicals and unlike the pressure washer cleaners that use only high pressure water, they do nothing for the germs and bacteria that our children are contracting and passing on to others. We work hard to keep these areas free from dirt and grime while providing you with professional service you can count on from a family-owned and operated business.

Power-washed Playground Equipment

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that keeping kids safe calls for keeping your playground equipment clean. Without cleaning these surfaces properly, harmful germs can easily spread. That's why we offer power washing services to keep your playground equipment in tip-top shape. Our pressurized power washing uses heat to get your playground equipment the pristine look you want.

Whether you're operating a school or daycare, you can count on having clean playground equipment with our powerful power wash solution. We use an effective power washer called Hot Water Cleans to help you remove germs and dirt from your playground equipment. It has the power to alter between hot and cold water to effectively clean your equipment and save you time.

Renew Your Parks and Playground Equipment With Bay-Way Power Wash

Are you ready to renew the look of your equipment for your park or playground? Contact us at Bay-Way Power Wash to get your free estimate today!