Whether you have a fleet of trucks or one truck with equipment, keeping your commercial vehicles and equipment clean is essential for running your operation smoothly and attracting the right customers. Take advantage of our commercial vehicle and equipment washing services to get it done right here on Alabama's Gulf Coast, including:


Your commercial equipment is essential for operating your business effortlessly. But if you don't keep your equipment clean, it can stop working the way you expect. That's why it's important to keep up with maintaining your equipment with effective equipment washing services.

At Bay-Way Power Wash, we use an effective power wash solution to keep your equipment clean on a frequent basis. Our power washing technique calls for pressurized steam, hot water, detergents, and degreasers to clean your equipment with a powerful blast that’s free from damage. So, you can count on us to keep your equipment clean regularly so that it lasts over time.


Your truck is a moving advertisement for your company. So, it's important to keep it clean on a regular basis. But managing truck washing can be a hefty job to tackle on your own, especially if you run a solo truck driving business.

You don't have to do truck washing on your own. With our truck washing services at Bay-Way Power Wash, we help you save time while achieving the quality you need to keep your truck clean. We use a power washing solution to deep clean the exterior of your truck to remove salt, oil, grease, chemicals, road grime, and debris that can change the look of your commercial vehicle.

Flawless Fleeting Trucks

You may have a few workers on hand who take care of cleaning your trucks. But washing a fleet of trucks effectively is a huge job. Not only are you going to need more people to help you get the job done, but you'll pay for it in labor, too. Using your own employees to take care of fleet washing may also mean you're taking your employees away from other important tasks that can drive revenue for your business.

At Bay-Way Power Wash, we help you get back your time with our effective power wash solution. We use the Hot Water Cleans Power Wash method to effectively clean your fleet of trucks and cut down your wash time to hours instead of days for a flawless fleet.


The great news is you don't have to look far for equipment, truck, and fleet washing services, either. Get the professional fleet washing services you need right here on the Gulf Coast with Bay-Way Power Wash. Contact us today for your free estimate!